Colin Hubball

My Name is Colin Hubball, back in June 2008, thanks to a knowledgeable GP I was diagnosed with PCa (prostate cancer) to say the least it is always a shock to hear the C word. What to do now, with very little, if any knowledge of the desease I had heard that a support group was operating in our area. Armed with leaflets from the hospital, and advice from the consultant and specialist nurse, we returned home to confuse ourself with an overload of information we did not fully understand.

A phone call to the chairman of our local group who talked to us in language we understood made things clearer and helped us to decide what treatment option may be suitable and explained the side effects of each. With the help of the group we made our mind up to go for Brachytherapy, which turned out to be fine for me.

I joined the group after treatment and to meet and talk with other men who had gone through the same trauma and come out the other side, certainly helped. I am now involved in 2 support groups and also I man the national helpline, passing on the information that I have aquired, and supporting men and their partners at a very low time of their lifes.