Money spent

Items purchased over the past few years

• Provided funds to train a Surgeon & the Theatre Staff in Laparoscopy Radical Prostatectomy operations by sending them to France as no such facility is available in the UK or funding available on the NHS.
• 2 electronic beds (£3,500)
• 2 computerised flow meters (£15,000)
• Laparoscopy equipment (£2,800)
• A voice controlled endoscopic visualization device for use in keyhole surgery (£75,000)
• Funding for nurses specialised cancer training, (£8,000)
• Research funds (£20,000)
• Patient comforts (high back reclining chairs £3,000).
• Laparoscopy i-simulator equipment, (to improve surgeons skills & training purposes) (£14,000).
• Urology dept. patient comfort & staff equipment up-date (£5,000).
• Germ free new floor covering in urology, (£10,000).
• Funding for staff specialist cancer training in urology, on the ward & medical imaging dept (£8,000).
• 3 HD/ DVD TV sets for patient comforts & training purposes in urology & medical imaging dept (£1,300)
• The group raised £20,000 and provided 2 hi-tech computers for the medical imaging dept. Also provided laptop & static computers (£2,500)
• 2 Accuvein AV300 to accentuate patients’ veins when giving blood, (£8,300).
• Phlebotomy treatment chair & colonography insufflators for the M.I. Dept, (£5,050).
• 2 pulse oximeters & extension cables for the treatment centre (£840).
• 4 Sets of portable PSA testing machines used to test men in their leisure time at places such as golf clubs, rotary clubs, football clubs etc. (£10,000)

Currently raising funds for :

• Robotic arm to assist the surgeon during Radical Prostatectomy operations, this will result in better outcomes for the patient and faster recovery. Amount needed £35,000.
• 2 Template Steppers which are used to accurately place probes to determine where the cancer is in the prostate. Using this device can ensure that all the cancer is caught resulting in a better outcome for the patient. Amount needed £15,000.